The mambo craze in Cuba 1950s

Mambo craze. You must have known about Mambo. If not…! then today we are going to discuss about it in detail. Before knowing about it’s craze in Cuba 1950s let us know what is mambo?

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What is Mambo?

Mambo is a Latin dance that originated in Cuba in the mid-1930s. It devised by bandleaders as new form of music. This name comes from the phrase “abrecuto y guiri mambo,” that means “open your eyes and listen“. This dance invented by Arsenio Rodríguez and made popular by famous musician Pérez Prado.

Mambo craze in 1950s

In 1950s the Mambo was most popular dance in Western countries and Mambo dancers was very happy. Perez Prado and Mario Bauza performed very well at the New York palladium, so they became very famous. In the 1950s, mambo had such an impact among people that wherever this dance took place, people were drawn towards it.

Recording companies started labeling their records with mambo dances and local newspapers started reporting how mambo dances were performed. This dance was most performed in New York City. This city made mambo dance an international popular cultural phenomenon.

Gradually, the trend of this dance ended. Although the practice of mambo is still alive in the form of cha-cha.

What is cha-cha dance?

Cha-Cha is a type of Latin American dance whose origin is considered to be the mambo cuba. because it also uses the same triple step movement as the mambo dance.

Who started the mambo craze?

In the 1940s, there were many such artists who were performing brilliantly in mambo dancing. Meanwhile, Pérez Prado entered and everything changed.
Such a great presentation of mambo was given by Pérez Prado that people would go crazy. In 1950 a song by Pérez Prado was released “Mambo No. 5“.
People liked this song very much and since then Pérez Prado came to know as “The King of Mambo”.

Mambo instruments

Congas, timbales, Güiro, clave, bongos, saxophone instruments are used in this dance.

Havana cuba

Hawana is the capital of Cuba and it is the largest city of Cuba. The city of Havana was founded by the Spanish in the 16th century.

Havana 1950s

Old havana is the world Heritage Site. In the 1950s, there was a youth revolution in Cuba. This revolution was done by Fidel Castro and his companions together. This revolution took place against the military dictatorship of the then President Fulgencio Batista.

The Havana tourism boom

The havana tourisn boomed because of some wonderful places like

  1. Morro Castle – There is a castle on a high hill, which is visible to sea-walkers from many miles away.
  2. Grand theater of Havana – The theater offers facilities like consulting rooms, video conferencing rooms, art gallery screen rooms, etc.
  3. Old square – This is an open space. In the past hanging, processions, festivals, bull fighting etc. were done here.
  4. Cathedral Square – It is one of 11 Roman Catholic cathedrals on Cuba Island.
  5. Malecón – It is an 8 km long road which runs along the coast, it is very fun to walk here at night.
  6. Central Park– This is a beautiful park.
  7. Revolution Museum – this is the museum of revolution.
  8. Matanzas – The bridge here is very attractive. That’s why this place is also called City of Bridges.
  9. Vinales – It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The mountain here is very beautiful. Farmers grow world’s best tobacco here.

All these places are very beautiful and attractive you should also visit.

Hotel Nacional cuba

Hotel Nacional de cuba is located by the sea in the Vedado district, with great views of both the sea and the city. This historic Spanish hotel is a very nice and luxurious. This hotel was opened in 1930. This is a world Heritage Site.

Tropicana club Cuba

This club started on 30 December 1939. This club was initially a nightclub, which has evolved into the present-day Tropicana Club. It is spread over 24000 square meters. Through this club, the culture of Cuba has been spread all over the world. Many colorful programs are presented here which are very pleasing to the foreign tourists.

Final thoughts

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Frequently Ask Questions

1. What is mambo in Cuba?

This is a latin dance of cuba.

2. Who invented the mambo?

This dance invented by Arsenio Rodríguez.

3. What was the first mambo song?

First popular song was ” Mambo no. 5“. Released in 1949 by Pérez Prado.

4. When did mambo dance music appear in Cuba?

This dance music apeared in 1930s.

5. What popular Cuban musical style started a 1950’s dance craze?

In 1950s Mambo musical style dance was in craze.

6. When did mambo become popular?

This become popular late 1940s and early 1950s.

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